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SalePoint POS


SalePoint POS is a cloud Point Of Sale and inventory management software. With SalePointPOS retail solution you can process sales, manage inventory, maintain customer loyalty, and keep track of vendors, all in the cloud.
Using SalePoint POS, scale your business from one retail store to many. Access your POS from anywhere on any device with just an internet connection.

  • Perfect for all kind of Retail Businesses and Service Providers
  • Our POS interface makes sure to give you the best performance, even on the busiest days of your business.
  • Easy yet powerful interface ensure you get highest productivity to manage your business.
  • Top Notch Security & Support

Features at a Glance

SalePoint POS is Feature Rich Point of Sale Software which offers unmatchable features at very affordable prices

Multiple Business/Shops

⦿Set up multiple businesses in the application.
⦿No restriction on numbers of businesses.
⦿Inventory & accounting information is kept separately for each business.

Add Location / Storefronts, Ware House

⦿Create multiple locations for your business/shop

⦿Manage all of them at the same time.

⦿Stocks, Purchases, Sell can be tracked differently for locations.

⦿Customize invoice layout, invoice scheme for each location

Rewards Points

⦿Redeem amount per unit point

⦿Minimum order total to redeem point

⦿Minimum redeem point per order

⦿Maximum redeem point per order

⦿Redeem point expiry period

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Table Allocation

⦿Organize customer by tables
⦿For Restaurants, Saloon/Spa and other similar business

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⦿Notifications Settings [Email & SMS configuration]

⦿Send Sales Messages Emails to Your Customers

⦿Setting up Email/SMTP for Forgot password & other email notifications.

⦿Enable or Disable Auto Sending of notifications

⦿Browser/Desktop notification using pusher

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Manage Expenses

⦿Easily add business expenses
⦿Categories expenses

User & Role Management

⦿Powerful user and role management system
⦿Predefined roles – Admin & Cashier
⦿Create different Roles with permission as per your need.


⦿Manage Single & Variable products.
⦿Classify products according to Brands, Category, Sub-Category.
⦿Add products having different units
⦿Add SKU number or auto-generate SKU number with prefixes.
⦿Get stock alerts on low stock.


⦿Kitchen Screen
⦿Orders Screen
⦿Modifier Management
⦿Table Management
⦿Delivery & Packing Management
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Service Men

⦿Waiter, Barber, Hair Dresser, Mechanic, etc

⦿Add serviceman

⦿Assign orders to Serviceman


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⦿Simplified interface for selling products

⦿Default Walk-In-Customer automatically added to a business

⦿Add new customer from POS screen.

⦿Ajax based selling screen – save reloading time

⦿Mark an invoice for draft or final

⦿Different options for payments

⦿Import Sales

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Service Screen

⦿Screen for serviceman

⦿Kitchen screen

⦿Update order status directly from it

Contacts (Customer & Suppliers)

⦿Mark contact as customer or supplier or both(customer & Supplier)

⦿View details of transactions with a contact.

⦿View total of Credit/Debit balance amount


⦿Easily add purchases.
⦿Add purchase for different locations.
⦿Manage Paid/Due purchases.
⦿Get Notified of Due purchases week before the pay date.

Payment Accounts

⦿List Accounts

⦿Balance Sheet

⦿Trial Balance

⦿Cash Flow

⦿Payment Account Report

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Stock Management

⦿Stock Transfers to other location
⦿Stock Transfers list
⦿List Stock Adjustment
⦿Add Stock Adjustment

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Bundle / Combo product

Combo or Product bundles are several individual goods or services that are sold to consumers as one combined package.
For example:

⦿Computer set consisting of Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse & CPU

⦿Fixed-price meal at a restaurant,

and many more…

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Appointments & bookings

⦿Book Appointments

⦿Reserve table & service man

⦿Send email notifications

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Premium Modules

Additional Handy Modules to Enhance SalePoint POS Features

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Human Resource Management

Manage your resources personnel with us. Our HRM Module helps you keep a track of your employees. Track your employees' attendance, payroll, holidays, leaves, To Do, Documents, Memos, Messaging, Reminders and a lot more from a single dashboard.

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Recipe Management

Maybe the only module you would ever need for your restaurant. Manage your dishes' recipes and adjust the recipe items stock automatically whenever any sale is made.

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Repair Business?

Repair module enables you to track the inward jobs, jobs-in-progress, outward jobs and their delivery increasing efficient working.



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Asset Management

Asset Management module is Useful for managing all kinds of assets, Assign and revoke assets to your employees

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Mobile App

Bringing the power of  SalePointPOS in your hands with an android mobile app. Now manage your POS with your android mobile.

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WooCommerce Compatible

Not everyday you see a POS Software fully compatible with world's most famous E-Commerce Cart. Export your products & categories directly to your website with our WooCommerce Module. Get realtime updates on orders and auto sync stocks and any changes made on POS to your site.

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Kitchen Order Screen

Manage your order progress directly from the kitchen. View, Manage, Complete orders directly with our Kitchen screen, making the cooking process easy and reducing confusion.

API Support

Linking & Powering SalePointPOS with any of your favourite software made easy. Just link the API and webhooks and you're done.




Field Force

You have got the Feild Guys? You can easily manage the Feild Force to visit specific clients for specific tasks


Customer Relationship Management

Manage your business experience with our CRM Module. Remember your client's birthday and send wishes, provide them login information, access to their ledgers and invoices, send campaign messages and emails, manage your leads and follow ups and many more.

QR Code Menu & Catalogue

Running a restaurant? Provide your customers the facility of Contactless Menu with our QR Code Menu Module and keep your customers safe. Enable them to view your whole menu on their mobile.

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SpreadSheet module for SalePointPOS Allows you to create spreadsheet and share with employees, roles & todos

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Project Management

The project Management module for SalepointPOS is feature-packed to help with complete project management, managing tasks, activities, time logs, documents & notes, invoicing, reports, and many more.

Trusted by Over

18,000+ Businesses around the globe





Cash Flow and Cash Records

Maintain Perfect Cash Records

SalepointPOS allows the user to maintain their sale cash records so that they can check the amounts at the day end and then open the register with the amount on the next day.

This enables them to keep a track on the cash flow of the business easily. Best thing is, cash register opening will be different for every user irrespective of location & register/sale points, to keep a track on employee sales and their cash in hand too.

Point Of Sale Screen

Robust Point-of-Sale Screen

Our Point-of-Sale screen consists of various daily use options, to make the billing process easier. From Draft to Multiple Pay methods, product listings and even recent transactions too, so that you don't have to go anywhere else. Get every option in reach of your hands!

  • Track Recent Transaction from POS Screen
  • Reprint Invoices
  • Draft , Quotation Hold / Suspend Sales
  • Select Invoice Layout
  • Switch location directly from POS Screen
Multiple locations?

Operating Business at Multiple locations?

Don't worry. We have taken care of it. Now manage many locations of your business from a single powerful dashboard. We facilitate the user to carry out their business operations at multiple locations without the hassle of different reporting at every location. Get every report for every location at a single place.

  • Reporting & Analysis
    Reporting and analysis of all locations in a single dashboard.
  • Data and User Management
    Assign managers and employees to a specific location. They can only access data for that assigned location only
  • Transfer Stock between Locations
    Easy stock transfer from one location to another
Multiple Users?

But What about Privacy?

Don't worry, we've got it covered. Create Different User roles with different permissions and assign those roles to respective users. This will enable you to keep your private data and reports to yourself while also providing access to other users to your software.

  • User Management
    Powerful user and role management system with Predefined roles of Admin & Cashier, Create different Roles with permission as per your need.
Different Product Types?

Create Simple, Variable or even Combo Products!

Create different types of products according to your requirements. Be it a simple product, a variable product with sizes, colors, etc or even a combo product, you can create them without any hassle. Also, did we tell you? You can directly upload the products through our Excel Importer saving a lot of time from creating one product at a time.

Data Protection

Worrying about data loss? Don't!

We have designed our servers and SalePoint POS Application to take daily backups of the System so that you don't have to worry. All your data is safe with us!

Comprehensive Business Reports

Reports and Analysis

Our Point-of-Sale screen comes with detailed business analysis reports:
  • Profit / Loss Report
  • Product Sell Report
  • Table Report
  • Sales Representative Report
  • Register Report
  • Expense Report
  • Sell Payment Report
  • Purchase Payment Report
  • Product Purchase Report
  • Purchase & Sale
  • Items Report
  • Trending Products
  • Stock Adjustment Report
  • Stock Report
  • Customer Groups Report
  • Supplier & Customer Report
  • Tax Report
  • Service Staff Report

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